Welcome to the Festival Website

Due to a variety of foreseeable and less foreseeable circumstances I need to reschedule the festival one more time but don’t lose heart! The dates will be October 30- November 1st 2020 and prior to that I shall be delivering a workshop at Charney Manor on the weekend of 21st-23rd October.  More details to follow.  And meanwhile, there are so many rich opportunities happening around the country particularly in May.  Visit www.dyingmatters.org/AwarenessWeek
My one woman show Outside the Box – A Live Show about Death (Best Contribution to the Understanding of Death – Good Funeral Awards 2017) is still touring nationally and details can be viewed at www.fullcircleproductions.org.uk.  I have now performed nearly 100 times to thousands of people in a wide variety of venues. The nearest performance to Oxford in 2019 will be this autumn in Banbury.  The tour will end in Oxford during the 2020 festival. If you wish to book a performance somewhere near you please contact my tour administrator on tour@fullcircleproductions.org.uk
Anyone wishing to be on our mailing list can email us via the website so we can send out emails (not many) as our planning takes shape.
If you are interested in being featured in the festival please get in touch with us and tell us how we can view your work since we seldom (if ever) include people whose work we have not directly experienced.
Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you here in Oxford in 2020.
Liz Rothschild
Festival Director