Reclaiming Death: The Home Funeral Alternative

Family funeral guide and educator Jerrigrace Lyons is a pioneer of the home funeral movement. Based in California, She is founder and director of Final Passages, a non-profit educational institute of conscious dying, home funeral and green burial education, and a founding member of the National Home Funeral Alliance. She writes:   Death is the last … More Reclaiming Death: The Home Funeral Alternative

Telling our stories

I have been to a few Death Cafes, but this week was my first try at hosting one.  Fortunately I had some very supportive helpers who could be relied on to cope with anything that turned up.  In the event I needn’t have worried – my anxiety that no-one might come was ill-founded, and around … More Telling our stories

The honesty of anger

Grief and anger can have a raw honesty about them, especially in bereavement. The following speaks for itself, reminding us that there can sometimes be no “right thing” to say to someone suffering a shattering loss. No one else’s reactions and emotions are the same as ours. In some ways it is impossible ever truly … More The honesty of anger

Death Cafes are great!

“I attended my first death cafe recently and was surprised to discover that the gathering of goths, emos and the terminally ill that I’d imagined, turned out to be a collection of fascinating, normal individuals united by a wish to discuss mortality.” Those are the words of journalist Matilda Battersby, writing in The Independent in … More Death Cafes are great!