Postcards Project

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In October we will be working with youth groups connected to the Ark T in East Oxford, students from Brookes University and The University of Oxford, SS Mary and John Church, Cowley, members of Crisis Skylight and the general public. Look out for our festival postcards inspired by Rachael Chadwick’s 60 Postcards. They could be anywhere. We are asking you: When you were bereaved, what did somebody say or do that was particularly unhelpful to you And what did somebody do or say that you found particularly helpful? A chance to share experiences and guide others about how best to support someone after a death.
We will have just under two weeks to get the answer back from as many people as we can reach. Postcards will also be available to complete at the Festival and answers will be displayed for others to read and learn from in our Garden Cafe. After the Festival we will collate the answers and display them on this page of the website as well as offering the summary to relevant groups.
If you would like to be involved with the project as a postcard hider please come to our meeting with Rachael Chadwick who will share her experiences when her mum died very suddenly of cancer and how she came up with her idea and what makes it work. She will send off the team brimming with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm.
Ark T cafe – October 12th from 18:00-19:00 And there’s a hot drink and a biscuit!
Here are two answers we have already received.
“People sometimes crossed the road to avoid talking to me. It made me feel even more lonely. You don’t have to know what to say – just talk to me.”
“I wrote my sister’s name in huge letters in the sand and then watched the tide gently wash it away. It really helped.”
If you find a card, you will see on it how to return it to us. We look forward to hearing from you! And if you know you want to tell us the answers to our questions and you don’t find a card feel free to get in touch anyway by emailing Thank you.


Festival Launch – October 25th 17:00-18:00 Blackwells, Broad Street

Another chance to meet Rachael Chadwick and hear about her experiences before and after her 60 Postcards project which inspired our very own Oxford version. Gorgeous skull biscuits and a chance to browse other relevant books on display for the Festival. And a surprise commissioned by the Festival from Groovy Su of the Cowley Carnival and Ark T. Come and find out what she has been up to.